The use of plastic for the national flag is strictly prohibited

Flag code should be followed.

When using the national flag for the occasion of national events, important cultural events, etc., the Indian National Flag Code should be strictly followed. Also, plastic flags should not be used in any case. Citizens, including schools, colleges, institutions, organizations, etc. should be vigilant in ensuring that plastic flags are not used. The circular has been issued by the Home Department.

National flags are used every year on 26th January, 15th August, 1st and 17th September at important cultural events and sports events in Marathwada. In such an event, plastic flags, torn flags are scattered on the road. They remain crushed by foot. Therefore, the national flag is disgraced.

Sections 1.2 to 1.5 of the Indian Flag Code contain clear provisions regarding the proper use of the flag to maintain the proper respect of the national flag. For the purposes of section 2.2 (x) of the Flag code, the paper may be used as a flag. The flag code does not mention anything about the use of plastic flags. In view of this, the provisions of the Flag Code must be followed. Also, no one should use a plastic flag.

Committees have been set up at Nanded district. After the completion of the programs, NGOs and other organizations have been empowered to collect the damaged, scattered flags on the ground, on the roads and at the program site and to hand over the flags. They should hand over such damaged, dirty flags to the District Collector and Tahsildar. The flags should be neatly sealed in a cloth. Accordingly, the Home Department has said that all government offices, paramilitary offices, local authorities and educational institutions should take proper care and action on the above arrangements made at the taluka and district level to dispose of the damaged flag accordingly.


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