Kedarguda and Datta Bardi Temple in hadgaon

Kedarnath Temple at Kedarguda

This Kedarnath temple is situated in the village of Kedarguda which is some 16 Kms away from the Hadgaon town. Pilgrims from nearby cities throng this temple.

Datta Bardi Temple
This temple dedicated to Lord Datta and Goddess Renuka is situated in the old town and visited by pilgrims in great numbers.   Moreover, Ukhlai Ashram, Ganpati Mandir and Vithal Mandir are also situated in the old town. Apart from the above, the Hadgaon town also serves as the base for other major tourists’ destinations such as Hingoli, Amravati, Washim, Sevagram and Medak.

Datta Bardi at Hadgaon
God Datta and the other to the saint Ranappa
The main objects of interest in the town are two temples, one dedicated to God Datta and the other to the saint Ranappa.
About 2 km to the south-west of the town is, a temple dedicated to the God Dattatreya situated on a hillock called the Datta Bardi. From Datta Bardi, one gets a fine view of the town as also of the surrounding area. Around the main temple dedicated to the God Datta, idols of Ganapati, Renuka and Anusuya have been installed in other temples. The Datta Devasthan commands an inam land of about 300 acres. A mahant assisted by the diwan (Manager) and other staff looks after the management of the temple. The temple has considerable antiquity as per the local traditions.
The Datta temple is built in stone masonry on a raised platform. There are two idols of Datta, one, one-faced (ekmukhi) and the other three-faced (trimukhi) in the temple. The one faced idol is a prominent one. In front of the shrine, there is a Pind of God Shankar. The temple bears a brass dome (Kalas).

The other temple in the town dedicated to the saint Ranappa by name bears a good look from a distance. The temple was constructed about 80 years ago in commemoration of the saint whose padukas have been installed in the temple. Ranappa achieved self-immolation at this place.

The temple is well-designed and has paintings on the outer walls. The walls of the temple up to the base of the spherical top are constructed in stone masonry while the upper walls which are plastered are constructed in bricks.


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