40-50 villages anticipated want to become part of Telangana state

Soon, nearly 40-50 villages of Nanded clearly want to be part of Telangana State. Why? Because, they have observed the developmental growth in the bordering villages in Telangana are much better and they believe that if they become a part of Telangana, they would see development in their villages. 

Excellent roads, reliable drinking water facilities and other facilities are something that residents of Nanded district in Maharashtra have been asking for over the last 70 years. Being a border district, Nanded has been ignored by both Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government. That is usually the fate of villages which are on the border of two states.

Baburao Kadam, sarpanch of one of the villages in Nanded district, said that he has visited TRS MLA Bajireddy Govardhan and submitted a proposal which includes a green signal from at least 40 villages from the district which want to be part of Telangana. It looks like the development in Telangana is indeed progressing well. 


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