The world's first flyer wireless robot, the success of the Nanded youth

The University of Washington has invented the world's first, smallest, wireless, flying robot. Researcher Yogesh Chukewad from Nanded and his team have invented this robot.

This robot is as insect-sized, and weight 190 milligrams. The whole robot is just slightly heavier than a toothpick. This Insect-Sized Flying Robot Is Powered by Lasers and could help with surveying crop growth on large farms or sniffing out gas leaks. It can easily slip into tight places that are inaccessible to big drones.

It uses a tiny onboard circuit that converts the laser energy into enough electricity to operate its wings. For now, RoboFly can only take off and land. The microcontroller on the circuit is like a robot's brain. He gives the message of flapping wings. We are trying to be in RoboFloye with the ability to find your way through a difficult route. Yogesh said.

The flying robot was broadcast on Monday 21 May from Kiro 7 in the United States. Yogesh Chukewad presented the research on May 23 in the conference at Brisbane.

Yogesh Chukewad is the son of Balasahiyatik Madhav Chukewad. Yogesh completed his school at Mahatma Phule Highschool of Nanded. After that he got B.Tech from IIT Mumbai. Now he is doing Ph.D. in the University of Washington.


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