Monastery (Math) of Gunda Maharaj and Dargah of Sayyad Sah Zainuddin

Dargah of Sayyad Sah Zain-uddin
The mosque is situated to the east of the town on the highway. It is said to have been constructed in 1329 A.D. It contains a dargah of Sayyad Sah Zainuddin. The mosque bears a stone inscription in Urdu in honour of the Sayyad Sah Zainuddin. Another dargah in the front is dedicated to Sajjad Baha-Uddin Saheb who was the teacher of Sayyad Sah Zainuddin.
In front of the mosque are the tombs, of seven of his followers, the upper slabs (of stone) of which are removable. When beaten by stone these stone tombs produce seven Swar of the Indian Classical music.

Every year a urus is held here on 15th of Rabi-ul-Awwal which is largely attended. People come from far and near. By the side of the mosque is an old masonry well still in good repairs said to be older in age to that of the mosque. People draw drinking water from this well which is also utilized for irrigation purposes.

The monastery  (math) of Gunda Maharaj

Gunda Maharaj took self-immolation in 1818 at Pandharpur. Though he belonged to the Nath sect by tradition he later became the follower of the Bhagvat sect.

The monastery was constructed in his honour about 100 years ago. The monastery consists of three sanctuaries. The centre sanctuary contains the images of Rama, Laksmana, Sita and Hanuman while the other sanctuaries contain the images of Vitthal Rakhumai and another Goddess. It is constructed in Hemadpanthi style and bears a dome. The monastery is a private property and was constructed by one Hari Maharaj of the same family.

Chaitanya maharaj deglurkar kirtan at deglur


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