300 years old Hindu-Muslim Syncretic Shrine at Betmogra

The 300 years old temple of Shivling Badshah is Hindu-Muslim Syncretic Shrine. The temple is located at Betmogra village of Mukhed taluka. The temple of Shivling Badshah is more than 300 years old. It is said that the temple was built in 1682 by Neel Siddha and Shiv Siddha Saint. Neel Siddha and Shiv Siddha were followers of the Shivling Badshah. Shivling Badshah was a Saint of Takli village. 

This temple is on a small hill on the banks of the Manyad River. The multi-storey structure temple looks like an Indo-Islamic architecture from outside and ashram or a monastery from inside. There is a dome on its roof. The temple is a large wooden gateway. There are many chambers inside, where several Hindu deities are kept.

There is a residence for workers and chief priests. There are some underground chambers in which some deities are kept. In one such chamber, Tajia of Hassan and Tajia Hussain is kept. On one side, a trident and axe of Parshuram are kept. Besides, there is a chamber for the devotees to meet the priest or the guru. This place also has a guest house for visitors to stay and rest.

Near the entrance gate, there is a Dargah and small chillah of Dawal Malik. There is an Idgah near the temple. There is a 7 KM long tunnel inside the temple. It is said that the tunnel end at nearby Borgaon village.


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