Five Garment Shops for Gents

Here are five most notable readymade shops in Nanded

#1. King's Collections
Near Jain Mandir, Vazirabad.

When a college student wants to buy clothes, he wants to buy it from the king's collection. The youths give first priority to this shop. There are plenty of fashionable clothes in this store as well as clothes for girls, toddler and ladies.

#2. The Raymond Shop
Shop no 4/5, Mahavir Chowk.

You know what is Raymond's slogan, 'The Complete Man...'. Raymond provides many shades for being 'Complete Man'. 
The well-known brand of India. Raymond was one of the first to start organised garments retail in India. A wide range of Men's Clothing. Suits, Jackets, Shirts, T-shirts, Trousers and Jeans.

#3. Kannawar Mens Wear
Shop no 6, Gurunanak Market G. G. Road.
Dhoti-kurta, Sherwani, Blazer, Turban, Various religious, ethnic wear for the wedding or domestic events. If you want to buy it, then go to the Kannawar's store. This shop is good shopping place for the bridegroom. Besides, accustomed clothes are also available in the store. 

#4. Gents The Multi Brand Shop

Pundalikwadi, Mahavir Chouk, Vajirbad.

Multi-brand store in Nanded. You will get to buy different brands of cloth. I do not know much about them. If you know, please comment below.

#5. Siyarams Shop
Shop 2/3 Sanman Prestige Complex, Station Road.

This is another good brand store in Nanded.

Some facts
Osman Shahi Textile Mills is now known as Nanded Textile Mills Corporation, which is the oldest in the city. This mill is responsible for the rapid economic development of Nanded city. Nanded is important commercial and trading place in between Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.

In Vazirabad, G. G Road, M. G. Road, Shrinagar and some old city area, you will also get many clothing shops. Where you can get jeans, shirts, pants etc.

What you are waiting for, take the ramble, enjoy the shopping, comment here and share it.


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