Ramgad fort of Mahur

Mahurgad is a religious place in Mahur. Hindu God Dattatreya was born in Mahurgad. Renuka Devi and Dattatray and Parashuram also have ancient temples at Mahurgad. There is a Ramgad fort in front of the temple here. Wildlife can be found in this fort. The old fort situated on the eastern end of the Sahyadri hills. This fort is also known as the Mahur Fort, Dongari Killa, Giri Durg and Gond Killa.

There are many such proofs which show that Mahur, which was earlier called Matapur, was a very important place during the Satavahanas and Rashtrakutas era. Yadav Naresh built Renuka temple on nearby hill

This fort is very old. It is assumed that this fort was in the Yadav period. Later this fort was ruled by many rulers, where Gond, Brahmin, Adilshahi and Nizamshahi ruled. At the end, the Mughals and their Jahangir did rule by this. The fort is surrounded by all three sides of the Penganga river.

This fort has two fortifications, bulwark. The first fortification was built by the Rashtrakutas and the second fortification was built by King Ramdev Rao Yadav.

After the end of the Gond rule, in the 15th century, Mahur came under the control of Brahmins and made a diocese.

In the 16th century, in the strategic centre, Mahur, the rule of Nizamshahi, Adilshahi and Imadashahi rulers rule in the surrounding place.

After this, in the beginning of the seventeenth century, Mahur became part of the Mughal rulers.  

When Shah Jahan took a rebel against his father Jahangir, he took refuge with wife and children in the Mahaur fort. There was also Shahjahan's 6-year-old son Aurangzeb.

The layout of the Mmahur fortress

This fort is built on the point of two hills situated around. There are two entrance gates - one is towards the south and the other towards the north. The main entrance is 13 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The second entrance is 725 feet away from the first entrance.

The Chini Mahal is built at the right side from of Hatti Darwaja (elephant gate) towards west. There are two mosques near the Nishan bastion on the west side of Chinmimalah. At the time of the fort, there are Barav, Pond, Katora Bawadi, Goutam Zara for water management

There are two reservoirs in Ramgarh Fort. The first is an Ijala reservoir and the second is a Matrutirth reservoir. The condition of the fort has now become pathetic. But the gate in the direction of the north is still in good condition. Within the fort, there is a palace, a mosque, a food depot, an arsenal etc. However, now it is almost ruined.

the fortification wall


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