Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary (पैनगंगा अभयारण्य)

Painganga Sanctuary is a protected forest on both sides of the Painganga river, which is divided into Yavatmal and Nanded. This sanctuary is surrounded by water from three sides. Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary was founded on 1 January 1996. The area of the sanctuary is approximately 325 sq km. Akola deputy conservator Wildlife (वन्यजीव उपवनसंरक्षक अकोला) has supervision and direct control of the sanctuary.

Four kilometres from Bittergaon, there is the hill of Vidarbha Robinhood Shyama Kolam. The visit of Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary starts with visiting this hill. Shyama Kollam, a native of Niranjan Mahur in Kalamb taluka, was a common citizen. He rebelled against the tyranny of the British and Money Launderer. He plunders the rich money lenders. He shares the plundered wealth to the poor community. He kept robbed jewellery and wealth buried on the hill. He lived in a dense forest on the hill. This hill is called 'Shyama Kolam Hill'. Many people come to this hill to find the secret wealth. The British government always came to the area to find Shyama Kolam.

There are many such places which are known as Masalga, Dodhari Waterfalls, Rajoba Devasthan, Wagh Bhuyar, Shivalaya and Sondhabhi and Sahashrund waterfall. However, due to lack of roads, vehicles, guides, tourists cannot reach all places.

Due to the good rainfall and the reservoir of the Panganga River around this sanctuary, there are many trees in Arjuna, Avela, Aen, Kadamb, Gulwel, Charoli, Chinch, Tivasa, Dhamanwel, Dhavda, Behada, Moin, Moha, Greens, Sajad, Surya, Haldu etc. There are about 200 species of herbal remedies in the sanctuary.

Many wildlife species like bear, fox, scaly cats, chinkara, chital, chousinga, Taras, Neel Gai, Bhekad, Masanya etc are in large numbers, Leopard, wild dogs also live here.

Kharbi, near the entrance to the Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary, is a forest house lounge. Many good hotels in the kinwat city. There is also a restroom in Unkeshwar.


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