Manar Project and Barul Fair

Barul village is famous for the dam is constructed under the Manar Project and Mahadev fair. Barual was also known as Varun, i.e., the abode of serpents.

Manar Project

There is a dam in this village under the Manar Project. A road that connects the dam site from Sonkhed is constructed on Nanded-Latur road.  The height of the dam is 88 feet and the length is 6100 feet. The volume content is 1,557 km3 and gross storage capacity is 139000 km3.

The Manar project will provide irrigation facility of 66,000 acres of land. The construction of the Manor project started in 1960 and it was completed by the end of the Third Five-Year Plan.

Barul Fair

There is Mahadev's old temple in the village. It is said that it was built almost 200 years ago. However, the repair of the temple has been done recently. Through contributions and donations, the temple is maintained and managed by the villagers. Every year a fair is held in honour of Mahadev on Chaitra suddha 12. Nearly three thousand people from nearby villages get together in the fair. The fair celebration fills for about three days


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