Keshavraj Temple Ardhapur

The Temple of Keshavraj is situated to the north-west of the Ardhapur town. It is mostly a stone structure with cement plastering. In the inner hall, the idol of Keshava sculpted in pashan (black stone). The idol is in standing posture and has a conch-shell in the upper right hand and a japmal (beads of a rosary) and a disc in the upper left hand and a mace in lower left hand. Surrounding the main idol, are the small figures of other gods and goddesses. Outside the math is an image of Lord Buddha in sitting position. Many old remains are found scattered near-by in which are three inscriptions.

Keshavraj Temple is also known as Keshavraj Math. This was a unique structure in its old-time formed by hemadpanthi construction style which included the large stones and lime.
inscription on the stone


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