Hemadpanthi Narasimha Mandir Shankhtirth

During the Yadav dynasty of Devagiri, there was a Pradhan (prime minister) named Hemadri Pandit. He had a passion for architecture and in his interest, temples were created in many places in Maharashtra. Such temples are called Hemadpanthi temple.

One of the temples of Hemadpanthi Narasimha Temple was built on the bank of Godavari river at Shankhtirth in Mudkhed taluka. According to some researchers, there are two temples. One temple is on the bank of the river and another is in under the river. Both are said to be a clandestine subway connecting the temple. The subway is in the ruins state. If we see the style of architecture of the temple, it is proved that the construction is in the Yadava period. 

Artworks on the stones in the temple attract tourists. This temple is seen as the oldest temple in Mudkhed taluka. It is also mentioned that there is a middle point of Godavari river. The Archaeological Department of Maharashtra has done the work of restoring this temple.

Picture Courtesy -  Vinayak Deo


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