Dr. Shankarrao Bhavrao Chavan

Dr Shankarrao Bhaurao Chavan was an Indian politician who served as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He was Finance Minister of India and served as Home Minister of India in the Narasimha Rao cabinet. He served as Home Minister of India in the Rajiv Gandhi cabinet.

He was born on 14th July 1920 in a farming family of Paithan. He was completed his primary education took place at Paithan and then completed his Bachelor of Arts from Madras University and LLB from Osmania University.

He started his career as an advocate. But in consultation with Ramanand Teerth, he participated in Hyderabad Muktisangram Movement. Umarkhed village in Pusad taluka was the center of his work. On September 13, 1948, Hyderabad was merged in India. 

He became the General Secretary of Nanded District Congress Party in 1948-49. They lost in the elections of 1952. Even if he lost, he did not give up. He worked for Nanded Municipality, co-operative sector employes. He worked as the Mayor of Nanded, President of Nanded District Central Co-operative Bank and as Director of Hyderabad State Co-operative Bank. 

In 1956, when Marathwada became merged in Maharashtra, Shankarrao got a Deputy Minister in the Cabinet. In 1960, he became the Minister of Irrigation and Electricity, and later from 1972 to February 1975, he became the Minister of Agriculture. He became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 21st February 1975.

He has done a very good job as an irrigation minister. Their role in Krishna-Godavari water dispute is like a compliment. Godavari, Purna and Manjra dams resulted in the development of Marathwada. Jayakwadi dam is a symbol of Shankarraoji's efforts.

He resolves any political issues in a sensible way. He considered Ramanand Teerth and Govind Shroff as political gurus. Reticent, conscientious, dutiful administrator and studious attitude are his qualities. He died on 26 February 2004


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