Demands to save the historic sculptures

Government and archaeological department have to make efforts to save hundreds of statues of twelve hundred years old history. Visitors, tourist historians and archaeologists are demanding to build a museum to save the idols. The Kandhar city has a rich heritage of the temples and the idols. Krishneshwar Temple, Kshetrapal Temple, Sangameshwar Temple, Bankeshwar Temple, Mandalasiddhi Vinayak Temple, Jain Temple, Kaalpriya Nath Temple etc Kandhar city has got the glory but in the course of time, many temples were destroyed.

Statues are found in the city and the surroundings. The administration has a huge challenge to save that artworks and sculptures. Mahadev, Nandi, Parvati, Koumari, Jain, Padmapani, Vaishnavi, Mahishasur Mardini, Chamunda, Lajjagauri, Mahakali, Avalokiteshwar, Kshatrapal Bhairav, Chandrashila, Elephant, Ganesh etc. are scattered and It's a bad thing. Since the rich heritage of twelve hundred years is neglected, its artistic sketches, artefacts are gradually being destroyed.

It is necessary to save the rich heritage, art, wonderful statues, sculpture. The government-archaeological department has taken tough steps to conserve Bhuikot Fort. In the same way, need to take steps to save the idols to keep it in conservation, otherwise, incredible artistic is on the way to being extinct in the era of time.

Former MP Bhai Keshavrao Dhondge and former MLA Bhai Gurunathrao Kurude demanded the government to save the historical temple of Manyad Khore. In Bahaddarpura, the Irrigation Department arranged the construction of the Rashtrakutra Bhavan Museum, which helped in preserving the many idols. Visitors visit the Shanti Ghat, Garden, Temple, Rashtrakut Bhawan Museum, Dwadashbhuja Devi Lokashray Mandap on the banks of the Manar river. The Ganesh idol, Nandi, Kshetrapal and others scattered statues, fragments of broken statues in the fort should be restored and repaired and save the Artword at the latest Museum at Bahadarpura and should increase the attention of the Rashtrakutra Bhavana museum in present condition.

- Prof. Gangadhar Togare


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