Shivshahi bus only for Hyderabad route

Shivshahi bus service has been started by Monday. However, Shivshahi was diverted to Hyderabad while the highest passenger on the Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur routes. Railway administration ignored the introduction of a new train while running hundreds of private travels on Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur routes, as well as ST administration has also ignored the Pune-Mumbai route. Nanded Divisional Railway Manager office closed the Nanded-Pune, Purna-Anjani Express (Nagpur) night Express and paved the way for private travels. ST officials also ignored Shivshahi departure on the Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Latur routes

There are hundreds of private travels on this route from Nanded to Pune, Nagpur, Mumbai because there is no independent train at night. Many organizations and activists including the Marathwada Railway Conflict Committee for the Railways also made the agitation. Traveling to Hyderabad are available with the help of many trains. Railway tickets are very cheap compared to Shivshahi and most of the passenger travel by rail as the railway travel is safe, ST officials diverted to Shivshahi, Hyderabad without demand.


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