Nandgiri Fort Nanded

Nandgiri Fort has a beautiful location. This Exquisite Nanded Fort is located at Khadakpura side. The distance of Nanded fort is about 4 k.m. from Nanded railway station. The fort is bordered by the Godavari River. The fort is a sprawling garden and water works enhancing its natural beauty.

Nandgiri Fort is the heritage monument located in Nanded city. It is built on the bank of the river at such a beautiful place that river takes a turn, serves as protection ditch to the fort wall. The main entrance of the fort is north facing. The huge gateway of the fort is in total ruins today. The fortification wall is comparatively intact and visible from the river bed.

Nanded Municipal Corporation has recently taken up the work of developing a garden and conserving the structure. 

This is the most ancient heritage structure in the city having a long tradition of the ancient ruling dynasties of Satvahana, Vakatak, Rashtrakulas, Chalukyas and Yadavas. Some antiquated structures are still intact and retain the mediaeval historicity of the place. Subhedari Mahal is a beautiful brickwork having nicely planned garden and water tank with water fountain. The entire fort measures 14130 Square meters and there was six bastion (Buruj), three of them are on the Godavari river bed side. Southeast bastion (Buruj) is the highest one and Tehalni Buruj monitoring river communication.

This heritage monument was converted to a water supply station in the early 20th century. It was a water filtration plant. Probably the first water filter plant of Marathwada started in 1936 by the then Nizam govt. There were 4 big metal tanks installed in a huge hall equally a heritage work to be retained carefully.

The heritage building inside the fort speak out the momentous stories of subhedar (Connoisseur) of Telangana who had his residence here. Sayyad Abdullah, Sahullah Khan, Allimuddin Khan were some prominent subhedars (Connoisseurs) of this fort in the 17th century. Khuda Band Khan a subhedar of Nanded who had stayed here was son of Shaiste Khan. By 1708 about three hundred years ago, Umadatulmulla Khan, Firoz Jung was a subhedar here. He was incharge of subhe Berar as well


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