Narhar Ambadas Kurundkar

Narhar Ambadas Kurundkar was a Marathi scholar, critic and writer who wrote on political philosophies in general and cultural matters and historical events.

He strived all his life to appropriately guide the society as an ideal teacher, principal, philosopher, researcher, critic, orator, author and guide.

Kurundkar was born on 15 July 1932 in the town of Nandapur Dist. Parabhani in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. After his high school education, he joined the City College in Hyderabad. In his first two years in college, he often skipped classes and spent most of his time at the State Library in Hyderabad, voraciously reading books on History, Culture, Religion, philosophy, Education, Literature, Politics, and Economics. Through inattention to preparations for his college examinations, he failed to pass the second-year college examination even after a few attempts, and he quit his pursuit of a college degree.

In 1955, he started his teaching career at Pratibha Niketan high school in Nanded. While teaching, he resumed his pursuit of college degrees in Humanities. After securing in 1963 a master's degree from Marathwada University, he joined the faculty of People's College in Nanded as a professor of Marathi. He later became principal of that college.

Guru Bhalchandra Maharaj Kahalekar had a significant role to play in Kurundkar's development.

Kurundkar would gratifyingly say about Kahalekar, 'Rather than what to think, he taught me how to think'.

As a thinker, his ideologies and behaviour were influenced by the personalities and writings of such great people as Acharya Javdekar, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Will Durant and Bertrand Russel.


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