Sex workers started new lives

According to Times of India reports, the Nanded district administration decided to rehabilitate sex workers by weaning them away from prostitution to run ration shops and give them a chance at leading normal lives.

The first-of-its-kind initiative of the Nanded district administration to rope in sex workers to run fair price shops. The Nanded district administration involved in the rehabilitation process in pulling women out of prostitution and give them an opportunity to establish a normal life.

Major commodities, including essential foodgrains such as wheat, rice and sugar, are sold at a subsidised rate through a network of fair price shops across the state through the government-run public distribution system (PDS).

Suresh Kakani, District Collector of Nanded, told Times of India, “We had identified 3,500 women from the district who were engaged in different unlawful professions. Around half of them were linked to prostitution. We decided to give them an opportunity to run fair price shops as an effective social and economic rehabilitation measure.”

The district administration has set up two self-help groups (SHGs) of women involved in prostitution and their female family members. The two SHGs have been given permission to run two shops under the PDS in Nanded city. The two groups were recently handed over licences to operate the shops. 

Both groups have already been given foodgrains to be supplied through the shop in August. The actual supply to citizens is expected to start by August 25.


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