1200 years old Kandhar Fort and 750 years old Dargah

Kandhar Bhuikot Killa (a fort that is built on flat land and not on any mountain) ancient 1200 years old fort in Kandhar. 

Kandhar Fort is situated in Kandhar tahsil of Nanded district. Fort is located in the middle of the Kandhar. This fort is one of those forts in Maharashtra which are well maintained, but now it is almost in ruins.

The 1200 years old fort was built by King Krishna 3 of Malkhed. The fort is scattered on 24 acres land. It is surrounded by a canal filled with water and popular for its architecture. Fort is also popularly known as Bhuikot Killa. There was an attractive statue of King Kesavray 3. The statue was stolen. Lal Mahal, Darbar Mahal and remains of magnificent sculptures are very attractive.

The Bhuikot Killa is considered to be the most beautiful item of architecture. This fort is a tourist attraction in Nanded.

The fort bulwark, The bastions and Baradari, Lalmahal, Rani Mahal, Shish Mahal, Barudkhana (Magazine), Prison (कैदखाना), Jal Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Raja Mahal, Rajbagh Swar, the Amarkhana, the Gateway, the subway, etc. It's worth seeing.

Outside the Kandhar fort at some distance is a hillock on which is situated an old Idgah held in reverence by the Muslims.

The Sayyad Saidodin alias Haji Saiyya Saravar Magadum Dargah known as the Haiji Saiyya Magadum Dargah constructed about 750 years ago (in 736 Hijri) is situated to the south-east of kandhar. A urus is held at the Dargah for three days from 16 Rajjab.


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