Unkeshwar Temple

Unkeshwar is well known for the sanctuary devoted to God Siva and the hot springs found near to the sanctuary. These springs are said to have therapeutic esteem and cure skin infections. These springs are spread over an area of 10 Square Kilometer from about one mile south of the Penganga River, with temperatures of between 30°and 42°C. The temperature of water in one tank remains at 42.20 C and is found to contain sulfur in water springs. The excess water flows out from the Gomukh. Many bubbles are seen in the tank which indicates sulphur contents as per the experts.

Unkeshwar (Unkeshwar Village, Kinwat) is located at equi-distant roughly 45km from Mahur, Kinwat, Panderkowda of Maharashtra and Adilabad (A.P.). It falls in Nanded district of Maharashtra. It is located 124 KM towards East from Nanded. The nearest railway stations are Kinwat and Adilabad.


This ancient temple’s existence dates back to the days of one of the greatest Indian epics ‘Raamaayan’ this was the ashram of rishi (saint) Sharabhangh. Realizing his wrong doings in his former life rishi Sharabhangh performed such intense austerities at one instance, pleased with his penance the king of gods ‘lord Indra’ arrived at his ashram (Unkeshwar) in a chariot from the skies and offered rishi Sharabhangh a place in his abode (Svargh lok) meant a guaranteed liberation (mukthi). Rishi Sharabhangh thanked the lord Indra for his kindness but declined the boon offered by him and took an oath unless and until he achieves the meeting (darshan) of lord Ram he is not going to quit the rigorous penance. Appreciating his resolve lord Indra blessed rishi Sharabhangh ‘success’ and left for his abode.

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The above picture portrays the complete understanding of this place mentioned in the next few lines. During this time lord Ram visited Mahurgad to seek blessings from Athri muni and his wife maatha (mother) Anasuuya (Atri muni and maatha Anasuuya are the parents of lord Dattatreya, Mahore ghad is the birth place of Lord Dattatreya). Atri muni made two requests to lord Ram one, to visit Unkeshwar as rishi Sharabhangh was doing penance for his ‘darshan’ and two, to kill the man eating brahma-raakshas (demon)

‘Viraat’ on their way to Unkeshwar. 
After learning this lord Ram with Seetha and Laxman headed for Unkeshwar. Rishi Sharabhangh through his divine sight realized lord Ram’s arrival at his ashram in advance and shed his rotten, foul smelling skin ( Psoriasis) in a hut and put on a glowing divine skin (he wanted to conceal himself from the disease). In a while Sharabhangh rishi welcomed lord Ram. Lord Ram realized the disease rishi Sharabhangh was suffering from and promised him the cure. Once they reached the bank of the sacred river Godavari for bathing godess Seetha before taking a plunge (holy dip) remembered lord Ram about his promise to rishi Sharabangh.


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