Hemadpanti Shiddhaswar Temple at Hottal

Shiddhaswar Temple Hottal is situated in Degloor Taluka. There is a very beautiful Temple of Lord Siddheshwar, which is known for the Characteristic Art of The Kalyani-Chalukya Era. The temples are built in Hemadpanti style of architecture. The hottal temple is 8 km away from Degloor.

The temple is a great example of carving work. Hottal's ancient name was Pottal. Chalukya Era Tehsil Officer Dev had built the Siddheshwar Temple. The temple construction has a star shape. hottal was the capital of the Someshwar Chalukyas.

Shiv-Tandav, Nritya-Ganesh and Apsaras sculptures effectively delineate on the wall. The temple should be built in 11 or 12th century. There is an inscription (शिलालेख) of Raja Vikramaditya urf Tribhuvanmalla (1120 AD).

The temple is state protected monuments under the Maharashtra Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1960. The Nanded district administration has also come out with a development plan for the Hottal temples under the Mega Tourism Circuit project

The Department of Archaeology, along with Directorate of Archaeology and Museums and Tourism and Cultural Affairs department have successfully restored the 11th-century temples at Hottal in  2007-08, 2010-12.

The Ganesha sculpture on the southern wall is an example of such fusion


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